The art historian from the United States, Mayor A., unraveled the mystery of origins of the legend about ferocious griffins, guarding Scyths gold. The Scythians went to the Gobi desert for gold. Nowadays, this desert is worldwide famous due to the huge location of fossil bones of dinosaurs.

The path to gold was uneasy, the Scyths were frightened not by sandstorms and lack of water, but by unknown giant bones that was opening to their gaze in the sands. A huge claws, a skull, similar to an eagle, but much larger. So fear and fantasy, uniting, gave rise to a beast-bird, a winged lion with an eagle's head, called a griffin. The griffin keeps gold in its nest, but ruthlessly deals with those who try to steal jewellery.

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Care for printed silk products We recommend washing natural printed fabric in a large amount of warm water (up to 30 degrees Celcius) on delicate mode without pre-soaking and with minimum mechanical intrusion. Soaking natural printed silk is not recommended. Do not bleach. Dry cleaning is recommended. Iron at low temperature..

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